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Central Perv

Always Open and Open to Anything

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Welcome to Central Perv - The all purpose slash and perving community.

Come on in and join us. Take a seat, relax. Go ahead and put your feet on the coffee table. Get comfy. It can get pretty hot in here but don't worry, the windows open. If you feel the need for a ciggy, the smoking section is at the back.

While you're here, feel free to post anything pervy or smutty about any slash worthy male or perv worthy topic such as: fanfiction (FPS and RPS), pictures, raves and rants, fanart, recommendations, bunnies, screencaps, icons, manips, comments, thoughts, questions, articles, news, video clips, quotes ... whatever. If it’s perv worthy, we want to see it.

Proud to be a bunch of Phucking Pervs!

Community Rules:

1. Due to the adult nature of slash, membership is restricted to those 18 years of age and older. To join simply click the "click here" link at the top of the page.

2. This is a friends-only locked community and all posts must be locked. When making your post simply select the 'friends' box under the 'security' option.

3. To keep our friends pages uncluttered and our jobs secure, we ask that the following always be posted behind the lj cut: Images greater than 400 x 400; any content that is not work safe; any post with more than six icons; any post with more than one image. All images -- icons, photos, or artwork -- with a rating of R or NC-17.

4. Flames, plagiarism, gossiping, close-minded rants, wife/girlfriend bashing, etc. will NOT be tolerated. Please be nice to others in the community as well.

5. If you are making an "intro" post [Hi, I'm new and I love Eric Bana!] it MUST include something perv worthy [see list of suggested posts above].

6. If posting fanfiction, please include the following information for your story before the lj cut.


7. If posting fanart, please include the following information before the lj cut:

Title: [if any]


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact one of the moderators at: pipey_n_elvey
Enjoy the community!